My role in the project was designing layouts, streamlined flows, icons and interactions for over 40 responsive web pages.

Mobile interfaces for the purchase page, feature list, and try for free flyout.

Samsung's global sales team was looking to increase free trials and purchases of Knox: a suite of enterprise solutions that help IT departments deploy Samsung devices in their businesses. The current site had unclear CTAs, low page engagement, and missing information that IT admins require to make informed purchase decisions.

Based on direct communication with our target audience, the sales team created product requirement documentation that outlined the aforementioned pain points that IT admins encountered. These insights, along with previous on-site user research, were the basis for the website design.

Along with these stakeholder requests, I had personal goals that I wanted to achieve in the new site. Specifically: leveraging the visual style of Samsung's global brand for consistency and trust, and, reducing complicated language on the site to accomodate non-technical IT decision makers.

The Knox Workspace page banner

One of the key changes in the new site was the reorganization of product pages. The previous design was information-focused and did not have product images. We wanted to increase the hierarchy of benefits and problem-solving language to improve understanding and engagement.

For the new product pages, I designed a responsive template in Axure, and worked with visual designers to create product images. These, along with benefits-driven copy from the content strategist, helped to minimize technical language and showcased the benefits of deploying devices with Knox.

Direct collaboration with the sales team gave us access to information that was not previously available. The solution pages now have a comprehensive set of data, such as server options, license types, supported devices and supported MDMs (Mobile Device Managers) - all critical information for IT admins to evaluate Knox solutions.

The purchase page interface

The purchase page was another key improvement over the previous version of the website. Because Knox licenses are sold exclusively through resellers, we were outlinking our visitors to reseller websites, which did not have any clear call-to-actions for making a Knox-related purchase.

I redesigned the page in close collaboration with the manager from the Knox sales group in Korea. He provided the information that customers would need, while I addressed the responsive layout, visual design, and interaction required to clearly present the information to visitors.

With the new design, instead of showing a list of resellers with their web pages, we now provide a comprehensive set of information. This includes country-based availability, showing which Knox solutions are offerred by each reseller, and providing a direct contact form between buyers and resellers instead of sending people to navigate external websites.